Though camping is an experience of a relatively rugged life, it allows a lot of opportunities within. Camping gives you a reason to escape.. escape from the chores, the city lights and the hustles. It gives you a scope of breathing fresh air, relaxation and connecting with Nature. What’s better than feel absorbed by nature? ​

On the laps of mother nature, surrounded by the ferocious sound of streams, be ready to be dazzled by the magical air carrying the sense of peace and joy. Bonfires, music, dance or simply lying under the starry night – it’s a win-win for all.

Pack your bags and experience para… para… paradise!


What’s Biking? = Fitness plus fun minus stress.

From the beaten tracks to the road untraveled – the experience will be a fusion of wilderness and tranquility.

Escape from the usual humdrum and run through the middle of the clouds… for life is not a destination, it is a long ride. We make your road tripping worth every mile.

Join us for adventures in every turn.


A common misconception people have about adventure photography is thinking you need to have lots of lenses and gear in the field, but the majority of shooting scenarios or jobs don’t require a lot of gear. Take your most reliable lenses, and stick with them.

When you’re in a moment where you need to make a split decision, you just need an “all-around” lens that you can rely on, so you don’t miss the moment by fishing through your bag. Oh, and all that extra weight you didn’t think was a big deal before will kill you if you’re doing any trekking, hiking, or climbing. Trust me on this, and plan to shoot simply. Your back will thank you later.


The Himalayan Impact Expedition is a unique experience that will feature participants from across the world who have the mountains in their heart. The expedition will span across multiple days of bonding with the team followed by a trek in the Laddakh valley to a remote village still living in darkness.

We are a team of enthusiasts who follows the belief of “Athiti Devo Bhava” meaning the guests are alike gods. We believe in maintaining a good and healthy relationship between the host and the guests for which we try to assist the guests in every possible way. Our main aim is to provide quality service to our guests and make their holiday a memorable trip which they will cherish for rest of their life.