Ganga rafting in has gained steady popularity in the last few years with adventure enthusiasts from India and abroad flocking to the town for a taste of what it has to offer. The rising demand for the sport has naturally led to the growth of several rafting tour operators. It’s important to partner with the right company to have a good experience. Himalayan Midway is the best river rafting company having expert experience in the region and knowledge of the sport. Our staff of highly-trained instructors accompany you on each tour and give you a detailed brief about safety guidelines at the start of your trip. We provide all rafting equipment like paddles, life jackets and helmets. We also provide transport to and from the starting point of the trip. So, the next time you’re here and looking for an adventure, make sure you book with us for an adrenaline rush like no other!


One more magnificent choice to experience rush is to get yourself occupied in precipice bouncing. Each one of the individuals who are in Rishikesh for boating can never miss bluff bouncing. Put your physical and mental capacities to test as you appreciate precipice jumpimg in Rishikesh. Have you at any point known about base bouncing? Bluff hopping is a milder form of this experience sport. Prepare for some adrenaline siphoning activity as you move up a bluff and prepared yourself to bounce off. For the most part, the game includes hopping from a 30-40 ft high precipice. The game will tell you your substantial quality. Contingent on the physical capacities, you can likewise develop your precipice bouncing capacities. For a few, it is only an undertaking sport. For other people, it’s a pastime. Along these lines, it is both fun and experience. How can it feel to hop in solidifying cold water in mid-summer? The experience is certainly going to be one that you will set aside some effort to overlook.


Because of its exquisite view and rocky landscape, Manali is a shelter for experience sports. One of the games that is developing in ubiquity is shake climbing. It doesn’t require any involvement to start Manali shake climbing. Truth be told, you can take a stone moving in Manali trip that will confirm you before its finish.

The absolute most famous goals to attempt Manali shake climbing are really arranged close by. Most shake moving in Manali excursions occur around a little ways from the principle city, in the encompassing zones of Aleo, Dungri and Solang nalah. With numerous jagged shake developments to browse, you can expect your Manali shake climbing outing to head here.


A game which can be paced by the earth, kayaking is celebrated in Manali for even novices to begin with. From kayaking in generally more quiet waters, to exploring enthusiastically through the wild rapids, it is an extraordinary hair-bringing background up in itself. The shudder of energy as the kayak is controlled against the progression of water is one of outrageous inebriation.