Karaoke is fun activity, using which you and your friends sing their favourite songs under open blue sky with millions of stars being your audience.
It will be extreme pleasure to enjoy Karaoke in the camp stay and giving yourself chance to try your singing skills over recorded music and matching lyrics while reading on screens.



Bonfire in the outdoor of camp, surrounded by snow caped mountain that allow you to enjoy chilled winds of Himalayas along with warmth of fire. Camp management make sure everyone enjoys the Bonfire with their loved ones and have more personal moments to cherish. Enjoy the Bonfire at campsite with local drinks and snacks of your wish.


Horse riding is absolutely fun, being in nature and enjoying the ride will give your freedom to feel the breeze and explore the surrounding. Their is no as such defined boundaries for you, Camp management manages enthralling activity that enables you to explore the picturesque views of this stunning campsite.


Archery Tag promises to deliver an exciting and action-packed experience with your friends and colleagues.

Archery is an ancestral sport of Ladakh, which is part of the culture. Campsite organizes Archery with all equipments to let you enjoy the event. We do competitive events on the basis of availability of participants and their availability. Archery is same as using bow arrow, while trying to hit the target from some distance.