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Travelling expand our boundaries of imagination and thinking. It is adventurous and spiritual at the same time. Come and explore the majesty of Himalayas and resign yourself in the influence of its beauty. Adopt the pace of mother nature and inflate yourself with the onrush of the scenery – air, mountains, trees and people.

Whether it’s exciting bike ride to leh-ladakh, vigorous trekking adventures or a romantic getaway at beautiful campsite in Manali, we the Himalayan Midways team are offering best packages of your liking, to give you a complete Himalayan experience.


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We are the team of travel enthusiasts who started our journey with the goal of exploring the real essence of Himalayan life and we found that it is a perfect mixture of unending adventures, loving people and experiencing immense beauty. Our vision is to help people in experiencing true Himalayan ways & midways.


It gives you a scope of breathing fresh air, relaxation and connecting with Nature. What’s better than feel absorbed by nature?


From the beaten tracks to the road untraveled – the experience will be a fusion of wilderness and tranquility. For life is not a destination, it is a long ride. We make your road tripping worth every mile.


We all know the secret of a successful trek – it’s keeping your chin-up, heads high and continue treading with a lot of passion in the heart.

Multi Adventure

Are you a bird watcher? Or loves nature photography? Want to get lost in the jungle? Or discover wildlife?
Does air sport whirls your stomach? Or water sport enthuses you?


Calm or choppy lakes, gentle or craggy mountains, smooth or sharp roads, the expedition will come as a surprise box. Join us in exploring heavenly trails & get the experience of a lifetime.

Group Events

Trips are not just about vacationing, recreation or tourism. They mean much more. They are about people, the stories, the memories… the laughter, the hugs and a lot of “see you again”.

Delhi - Leh - Delhi

Chandigarh - Spiti - Chandigarh

Camping - Biking - Trekking

multi adventure


Group Events


  • NirajBisht
    It was brilliant. I enjoyed everything. I had a wonderful time and am happily recommending you to all my friends. I was particularly impressed by the attention to detail in the organisation - the water on the bus, the selection of dishes at each meal, the luggage waiting in my room when I reached the new destination.
  • We would like to thank Himalayan Midway for organising wonderful tour for us in Leh-Laddakh. Everything was very well organised.
  • I take this pleasure to thank Himalayan Midway for a wonderful & unforgettable road trip to Laddakh. Thanks for all the love and care
  • We all can not thank you enough for an excellent trip you organized for us to The Spiti valley. Thanks
  • Anish Sharma
    Excellent itinerary designed by the Himalayan Midway for Leh & Laddakh. Traveled with child and senior citizens all arrangements were satisfactory.
  • I had a fantastic experience with all events be it camping, tracking, biking, expedition or group events